SHEDSAFE® is a third-party accreditation program managed by the independent Australian Steel Institute (ASI) and is the industry benchmark for manufactured steel frame sheds.

Shedsafe is designed to help consumers to make informed decisions when purchasing a shed and feel confident in the engineering standards, the steel components, and the site specifications of the steel structure. ShedSafe® is about safety for the consumer and it serves to protect the investment in a shed and its contents.

ShedSafe® accreditation reflects our ongoing commitment to deliver top quality sheds that meet the stringent ShedSafe® standards. You can’t buy ShedSafe® accreditation – You have to earn it. An ASI appointed panel of independent engineers and specialists undertook a rigorous independent auditing and certification process of our ShedTech’s 3D dynamic engineering software system, designs, and engineering procedures before we attained the accreditation.

We can proudly say our system is proven to surpass ASI guidelines and criteria.

When you purchase a shed from Shed Alliance, you can be confident that we incorporate all standards set by the Building Code of Australia (BCA) into the design process. ShedTech provides site-specific engineering calculations demonstrating that the shed design is suitable for specific sites and locations.

To comply with the Code, accredited ShedSafe® sellers must consider a range of site-factors. These site-factors impact on the maximum wind speed that your shed must withstand.
Shed Alliance is ShedSafe® Accredited
Site factors include :
● the region where the shed will be built and the risk of severe weather events like cyclones
● the surrounding terrain and topography
● any nearby shielding by other buildings
● the final use and purpose of the shed
● the model of shed you choose, including any alterations and additions

As a ShedSafe® accredited seller Shed Alliance considers all these site factors before recommending a specification in their quotation.

As a ShedSafe® accredited manufacturer, we commit to ensuring we engineer all our designs to current design codes.