When purchasing a shed, many questions come to mind

Below are some important Frequently Asked Questions we get from customers.

Q: What Warranty Comes with Your Sheds?

All of our sheds, barns and carports come with a 10 Year BlueScope Steel manufacturers warranty on steel products and a 15-year product warranty on ZINCALUME® and COLORBOND® sheeting and raingoods. The warranties start from the date of installation. The roofs and walls of domestic sheds and garages, constructed more than 1 km from a marine environment, are protected against corrosion and perforation by weathering caused by natural elements.

Q: How do I Get a Quote or Price for a Shed?

We understand our customers lead busy lives, so we offer several ways to get a quote. You can drop into one of our 100+ Shed Alliance locations Australia wide, and we’ll design your shed on a big screen in 3D. Our premier quoting software allows us to customise any building to your exact requirements, regardless of the size, style, or additional extra you might require. Unlike our competitors, we will give you a complete price on the spot before you leave.

If you can’t come and see us in person, then give one of our expert customer service team a call on 1300 784 463, and they’ll be able to advise you on options and prepare a comprehensive quote. If neither of those two options suits then enter your requirements into our user-friendly Online Quote system HERE and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Q: What Extra Costs Will I Be Up For?

In most cases, you won’t have any further costs. The quoted price includes all of the components you need to build your shed and any applicable delivery fees. If you choose not to erect the shed yourself, we’ll give you a price for laying the concrete slab and building the structure to completion. Our standard quotes include shed rainwater connections (gutters and downpipes) to ground level only. If you require additional drainage or a stormwater or tank connection, we would include an additional cost. We also assume that the shed is being built on a level site and that earthworks are not required.

Q: Do I Require Council Approval for My Shed?

In nearly all cases you will need some form of Council approval for your shed. Once you pay your deposit, we will provide you with watermarked engineering plans, slab and footing engineering, a slab layout diagram and a wind load certificate to assist in your Council application. In our experience, each Council is different, and the approval process may take anywhere up to 8 weeks.

Q: How Long Before I Get My Shed?

It usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to manufacture all of the shed components to the site. If you require council approval, you can ask that we don’t order your shed until you receive the go ahead.

Q: Can I Build My Own Shed?

It is possible to build the shed yourself, depending on its size. When you purchase a shed from us, we provide a detailed construction guide to assist you with assembling the kit. Just be aware that sheds are more complicated than the average IKEA product and you should have some idea about building techniques and tools before attempting the project. Larger sheds may require specialist machinery such as cranes and lifters to get the frame in place. We’re happy to look after that aspect for you if you want. We can discuss options during the quoting process.
Q: What is the Payment Plan for My Shed?

If you need Council approval, we require a 10% deposit to release the engineering plans. We then ask for a further 40% of the kit price before ordering. The final 50% is due when your delivery date is confirmed. If you contract us to erect the building or lay down a slab, we can provide you with an agreeable payment plan along for the duration of the shed building process.

Q: What Payment Options Are Available?

We accept a direct bank deposit, credit card or cheque.